婚礼服务设施 & 服务


巴斯蒂尔教堂 是婚礼的理想场所吗. 这座精致的欧式小教堂建于1958年,当时的工艺水平最高, and it continues to radiate the devotion with which it was built. 将近五层楼高,140英尺长, 它是31扇手工制作的彩色玻璃窗和明亮的玻璃马赛克艺术品在教堂两侧排列, 将整个房间染成微妙的颜色. Graceful gold-accented chandeliers add majestic lighting.

The chapel has handcrafted altars and columns of imported marbles, 水磨石地板, 木制的长凳上, 橡木镶板和唱诗班阁楼. The carved 木制的长凳上 run length-wise along the chapel, 让新娘和新郎的队伍成为所有仪式参与者眼中真正壮观的景象. Exceptional acoustics give this chapel a unique atmosphere of grandeur and elegance.



ca88手机版登录教堂是普吉特湾最美丽的地方之一,适合任何教派的婚礼, 每对新人都有自己的司仪.

教堂和唱诗班的阁楼可以容纳275名客人. 加上椅子,可以容纳500名客人.

看更多婚礼期间教堂的照片, please visit the ca88手机版登录教堂 脸谱网 page.

想了解更多关于在巴斯提尔教堂举行婚礼的信息,请ca88会员登录入口(425)602-3075或 weddings@www.csspicker.com.


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The groom waits for the bride at a wedding in the 巴斯蒂尔教堂. Make your dreams come true, and host your 仪式 in our majestic Chapel!  ca88会员登录入口有四个小时的时间在教堂里布置、装饰、举行仪式、拍照和打扫.

We have several time slots available for your wedding:

  •  星期五:晚上5点以后
  •  星期六:上午11时至下午3时或下午3时30至7时30分
  •  星期日:上午9点至下午6点之间的任意四个小时时段


在你婚礼前的两周, we offer a complimentary one (1) hour rehearsal time in the Chapel.  Additional time may be purchased at a rate of $150 per hour.  Time slots for this are subject to Chapel and staffing availability.  We recommend you bring your own music, so you can hear how fabulous it will sound!


We offer the wedding party two private rooms, for last minute 准备s and touch-up. 这些将在你的教堂租用期间使用,在你的婚礼当天.



ca88手机版登录将有一个现场协调员,以确保ca88会员登录入口所有的设施协议得到满足.  They will assist with lighting, our PA system, and microphones.

ca88会员登录入口非常有兴趣保证ca88会员登录入口的顾客收到他们的全部损坏押金退款.  为实现这一目标, ca88会员登录入口要求所有的装饰被预先批准ca88会员登录入口的现场协调员,他们符合ca88会员登录入口的指导方针.  他们也会在现场解释你的清洁人员在排练时需要做什么.


巴斯提尔礼拜堂以其音响效果而闻名,尤其适合演奏古典乐器和合唱音乐.  The following items are available in the Chapel for use by the wedding party:

  • Microphones (lapel microphone and three handheld microphones)
  •  A PA system to play recorded music (MP3, iPod, Cellphone, Laptop, CD, or Tape)
  •  椅子和音乐代表音乐家
  •  A baby grand piano available f或者一个n additional rental fee of $150

巴斯蒂尔不提供任何其他乐器或音响系统的歌手和/或音乐家. 如果你选择自带音响设备, 它必须是完全独立的,不能接入巴斯泰尔大学的系统.


Most guests prefer to use the Chapel's 木制的长凳上 for guests seating of up to 275. 然而, 是否需要额外的教堂座位, chairs (including the setup) for up to 500 guests are available f或者一个n extra fee. Bastyr will provide up to two tables in the Chapel lobby covered with ivory tablecloths.


巴斯提尔庄园,包括 有机草本植物花园广阔的草坪和庭院,提供了充足的机会,令人惊叹和独特的照片. 请向会议事务代表请求许可使用户外区域拍照. This is to make sure there are no conflicts with space usage.


巴斯提尔校园有充足的免费停车场. ca88会员登录入口要求您的婚礼派对和宾客尊重被标记为预留或残疾人停车位的区域, as well as fire lanes or other designated no-parking areas. There is a loading area available to the wedding party at the rear of the Chapel.


Four restrooms are available for guests on the University's main floor


The Chapel is available at fixed, scheduled times at a flat rate. The fee includes four hours on the day of the wedding and a one-hour rehearsal prior to the wedding; scheduling is dependent on Chapel availability. We can provide a different schedule 或者一个 guaranteed rehearsal time prior to the event, 但这可能需要额外收费.

价格包括私人使用 ca88手机版登录教堂, setup of all foyer tables and chairs, and use of a PA system.


  • 多达275名客人 / $1,400
  • 最多350名客人 / $1,525
  • 最多500名客人 / $1,650


  • 多达275名客人 / $1,100
  • 最多350名客人 / $1,250
  • 最多500名客人 / $1,375




保证你有优先购买权, 你可以用铅笔写上日期,在没有合同或押金的情况下,最多保留七天. If you do not contact us after seven days, your name may be removed without notice. 在你的七天铅笔实习期, 如果另一个客户在同一天和时间请求, 您(拥有优先购买权)将有24小时的时间,可以根据已签署的合同和定金进行预订,或者发布日期.


合同及订金: 为了确定约会日期,你需要签署一份合同,并支付400美元不可退还的定金. 如果活动被取消,而Bastyr无法用另一场婚礼或活动来填补空间,这笔押金将作为取消费用.  如果情况需要你取消你的活动, please advise us immediately to allow us to attempt to fill the time slot.

损坏及保洁保证金: A damage deposit of $250 is required and must be paid 30 days prior to the event. 这是租金之外的费用.

This refundable deposit covers extra cleanup and damages to 的设施, and will be returned if no extra cleanup or damage repair is required. 参加婚礼的人必须搬走所有的财物, 包括鲜花和地上的花瓣, and leave the spaces clean and tidy to avoid paying an extra clean-up fee. 巴斯泰尔将保留这笔保证金,直到事件发生后立即对设施进行检查. 

最后的付款: 场地租金及损坏按金的余额须于活动前30天缴付. 如果在婚礼后30天内预订婚礼,则应在签订合同后支付全部费用. 额外费用或额外损害费用将在婚礼后立即开具发票并寄给客户.


One hour of rehearsal time is allotted within two week of the wedding date. A one-hour rehearsal time is included in the Chapel rental fee. 彩排 dates and times vary and are based on Chapel availability, as the Chapel is often used for other events during the week. Additional time may be requested, but extra fees will apply.


你的婚礼派对有四个小时准备, 准备, 照片, 仪式, 分解, 和清理. 在你的排练, 您将有机会与ca88会员登录入口的工作人员一起为您的婚礼制定最终日程.

除非你安排了一个更晚的崩溃时间表, 如果四个小时后还没有完成故障处理和清理工作,将收取每小时300美元的费用. All items left on the premises after your wedding are subject to disposal.




Clients may choose decorations that do not damage the facility. All decorations must be approved and overseen by the ca88手机版登录 现场协调员. If you do not have your decorations approved prior to your wedding day, you run the risk of having them denied if they do not follow our guidelines. The following parameters provide some guidance; please check with our staff to verify the appropriateness of your decorations.

  • The throwing of glitter or confetti, or the shooting of Silly String®, is 不允许在室内或室外 在ca88手机版登录的操场上.
  • 吹泡泡是允许的 只有外 的设施, 不是在 建筑.
  • 气球不允许进入设施,包括教堂和教堂大厅.
  • 扔鸟食和大米 不允许在室内或室外 on ca88手机版登录 grounds, as it is dangerous to wildlife and difficult to clean.  
  • Flower petals are not permitted outside of the Chapel or outside on the grounds.
  • The use of fireworks are not permitted inside or outside on ca88手机版登录 grounds; this includes sparklers.
  • No drones 或者一个ny other flying object may be used inside the Chapel or on the property.
  • No Fog Machines in the Chapel, as it will set off the fire alarms.
  • 只允许使用电池供电的蜡烛, with the exception of the Unity Candles used in the alter area.  
  • The application of materials (tape, pins, glue, staples, nails, etc.) to the walls, ceiling, pews, altars or floors is not allowed in the Chapel or lobby.  如果使用了经过批准的磁带,则可以例外.
  • Runners down the aisles inside or outside the Chapel are not allowed.

Please inform others in the wedding party and guests of these policies – 你要对他们的行为负责.

ca88会员登录入口的礼拜堂是一个被许多人珍爱的神圣空间. Any damage to the surfaces or fixtures on ca88手机版登录’s campus, 尤其是在教堂区,可能会导致额外的成本. 超过250美元的损害赔偿和保洁保证金将由客户承担. An inspection of the facilities is done after each rental.


  • 婚礼方负责运送鲜花和/或租赁设备,并应安排在合同规定的婚礼或彩排时间内到达.
  • ca88手机版登录 representatives cannot accept or sign for deliveries.
  • Any items stored on the premises are for the convenience of the client. ca88手机版登录及其代表不负责丢失或损坏的物品,也不负责归还物品的滞后费,这些物品留在了场地,在预定的取货时间无法取回.


ca88手机版登录是 不吸烟的设施. Smoking is allowed only in two designated areas; please check with the 现场协调员 on duty during your rehearsal and wedding for exact locations. 根据华盛顿州法律, 大楼内不准吸烟, 距离建筑物25英尺内, 在巴斯提尔的院子里, 或者是在周围的树林里.

在校园里不准喝酒, in the Chapel or on the grounds at anytime during the rehearsal or wedding day. You are responsible for the behavior of your wedding party and guests.


如果在任何时候有取消,并且空间不能被其他婚礼或活动填满,Bastyr将保留400美元不可退还的订金. 如果情况需要你取消你的活动, 请立即通知ca88会员登录入口,让ca88会员登录入口尝试用另一个活动来填补这个空间.


The wedding party must procure and maintain in force for the duration of the wedding, 巴斯提尔大学不收取任何费用, 一份公众责任保险单 (事件日保险) 或者一个n event endorsement to home owners or renters insurance, 包括身体伤害和财产损失, 上限不小于1美元,000,000发生. 婚礼派对必须向巴斯泰尔大学会议服务中心提供“保险证书”,,巴斯提尔大学被列为附加保险, 在使用该设施之前.

PDF图标 Wedding_Info & 指导方针牧师6 - 2015.pdf